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Every country has its own culinary traditions, traditions that make them unique. For Brazilians, it's their passion for barbecue that makes them sit around blazing fire grilling some meat while they bond, momentarily forgetting all the little hustle and worries of their world.

Even as the method of preparation of Brazilian cuisine is as unique as it gets in comparison to other conventional cooking methods, it is the sense of togetherness that truly aggrandizes the whole experience of Brazilian dining. This is exactly what we hope to emulate at our restaurant for you! While introducing you to the unique and exquisite flavors of Brazilian culinary art, we want to bring to you the abundance of joyous and heartfelt memories that Brazilians share over every meal. From the finest selection of fresh items in the salad bar and various cuts of meat, we look forward to being your favorite dining in the city. We envision capturing and translating the treasured traditions of Brazil for you. Welcome to Parrilla de Brazil!

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Parrilla de Brazil opened September 1, 2021 in Jeddah KSA, a booming city for restaurants Jeddah that provides over hundreds of fine dining restaurants; furthermore, the greater city limits as a whole play host to more restaurants.

*Composition of the Vision:

In the whole world, there are only a handful of Brazilian style steakhouses compared to the thousands of Italian, Mexican and mainstream steakhouse restaurants. This concept of “rodizio” service is in its period of babyhood.

Based on the lack of Brazilian steakhouses around the globe, the principals behind Parrilla de Brazil, the Al Harith Family decided to take this concept to new levels by emphasizing décor, ambiance, food presentation, and let the list go on. Ultimately, they envisioned a feast for the senses. With the dining style in place, the goal of creating a unique ambiance came next. Very talented local artists created the exotic floral creations and artistic pieces that don the walls of Parrilla De Brazil.

*Brazilian Style Dining:

The Brazilian style accommodates all, whether it is two guests out for an intimate celebration or a party of 100+ engaging in a company social. What is exclusive about this concept is that unlike any other place, you can have a party of 100 or more and serve to meet everyone’s dining preference. They have a wide selection of fresh items in salad bar and various cuts of meat to choose from…not one leaves hungry or is excluded from the dining experience. This is unlike any other restaurants where they may give your party a choice of two entrees.

The other key element that sets this style of service in a class of its own is the idea that you can eat in 5 minutes or two hours, the food is always fresh and is served continuously. The bottom line is “quality food prepared by trained professionals, served in an elegant setting, with an unbelievable ambiance…a winning combination.”

*Parrilla de Brazil Team Players:

Furthermore the background, dedication and involvement of the principals are unequivocally an asset to this business.

In being a privately owned company, Parrilla de Brazil is visibly proactive rather than reactive or complacent. The restaurant adapts to local markets and guest needs immediately. This philosophy helps to maintain the integrity and namesake of Parrilla de Brazil. The dedication of every member of the Parrilla de Brazil team allows for continued growth and overall success. We welcome you to Parrilla de Brazil!

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